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Dan Azeez is ready for 'world level' after impressing Artur Beterbiev in sparring, says Ben Shalom

Dan Azeez is ready for 'world level' after impressing Artur Beterbiev in sparring, says Ben Shalom

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Silvia Lucas
·May 28, 2022·

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Promoter Ben Shalom believes Dan Azeez has proven he is ready for "world level" after impressing Artur Beterbiev in sparring; Watch Beterbiev and Joe Smith Jr's light heavyweight unification bout live on Sky Sports on June 18

Dan Azeez knows he is ready for "world level" after impressing in sparring sessions with fearsome world champion Artur Beterbiev, says promoter Ben Shalom.

Azeez became British light-heavyweight champion last year with a stunning knockout victory over Hosea Burton and backed that up with another dominant display against Reece Cartwright in March.

The unbeaten Lewisham fighter (16-0) is keen to continue his ascent, and has helped Beterbiev, holder of the WBC and IBF titles, prepare for his upcoming unification against WBO champion Joe Smith Jr, live on Sky Sports on June 18.

"That's the level he wants to get to," Shalom told Sky Spots News.

"I know that Beterbiev and his camp were saying 'you're the next one'. They were so impressed with him, they were trying to sign him. They think he's the next guy.

"I think it's given him so much confidence now, to the point that he feels like he can take on anyone.

"Dan's gone out there and now knows he's ready for world titles, he's ready for that level.

"Beterbiev couldn't believe how talented Dan was."

Azeez has previously expressed his desire to take on any of the top British names in the stacked 175lb division.

The likes of Anthony Yarde, Joshua Buatsi and Craig Richards are all on Azeez's radar, but he looks most likely to face Lyndon Arthur next.

Arthur (19-1) upset Yarde in 2020, before losing his unbeaten record when the pair re-matched last December.

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"I think the Lyndon Arthur fight is the obvious fight next," Shalom added.

"That's a fight we want to make and we think is great for both fighters.

"Lyndon Arthur knows about the fight, I think he wants a slight warm-up first.

"Both fighters are very keen on the fight so we can hopefully make that happen in September."