Devblog cross-website login session issue?

I've been having problems with Devblog recently.

For one thing, whenever I go to someone's blog with a or custom URL, it doesn't seem to recognize that I'm signed in.

It has a button at the top that says "Sign In", but when I try to click it it shows a reloading symbol and then goes back to the button.

Also, I noticed that for it was taking a really long time for any custom url blog to load.

Has anyone else been having problems, or is it just me?

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Hey Caleb! Brave browser by default blocks third party cookies. As a result, we are not able to recognize that you are signed in on Hashnode from another domain. We faced a similar problem for Safari which has been fixed now. A fix for Brave is on the way. Meanwhile please turn off your brave shield for specific devblog domains, if possible. :)

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Are you by any chance using Brave browser?

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Co-founder of High/Low

Ah, yes. Is it blocking a necessary tracker or something?

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Editor in Chief @appsignal, former Community Manager @Hashnode

Caleb H. Nope, I just remembered that Sandeep Panda mentioned that exact Brave browser bug a few days ago.