Do you hate AMP as much as I do?


Yes, I hate AMP too!


No, It has its advantages


I don't know what AMP is


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I hate Google's AMP powered pages for multiple reasons.

  1. Whenever I come across an AMP page on mobile, either from Google Search or Social media, I immediately switch to the real webpage for multiple reasons.
    • Embeds won't be working
    • Photo slideshows which are very common on news websites, won't be working or won't be visible at all.
      These are simply minified webpages which are broken and companies do not have time and resources to improve them.
  2. As a developer, I hate the fact that now we have to manage two different versions of any webpage.

What are your thoughts? Do you feel the same?

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Trent Haynes's photo

AMP is trying to solve a problem that "we" created - too much dependence on JS at the outset. We really need to invert that dependency. Your page should work even if the browser/device doesn't support JS - i.e. Progressive Enhancement. The subject has been discussed and recognized as a problem for many years (I've found articles from 2007 on the subject of too much JS).

A couple of good articles on the issue as it stands today: Both of these are from Addy Osmani:

A discussion on Hacker News about the above articles:

Maybe some other discussions/articles:

My point is, AMP was created to solve the problem of poor mobile performance. Poor mobile performance is directly attributable to the dependence on JS for basic site functionality.

Gijo Varghese's photo

If I'm on a fast network (on mobile) I'll not prefer AMP. Because I'm not seeing the actual design of the site

But if I'm on a slow network (e.g. while travelling) I would prefer AMP!

Joseph S Stevens's photo

It's a freaking isn't is what it is. The typical webpage has a ton of garbage, instead of making it easier to clean up the page, they invented a new standard that's ultra strict, that if you meet the standard, they'll "amp" up your page. It's bs!

Vijay Thirugnanam's photo

I hate learning new things all the time in the tech world. Most of them are silly improvisations. AMP is one of those improvisations. AMP exists because we bundle too much JS in all webpages.

If I were to choose learning AMP or learning particle physics, I will choose the latter. In fact, I enrolled to a course in Coursera. Though I don't understand much of what they are talking.

Bridget Sarah's photo

Can't say I know much about AMP, but if client wanted two versions of a web page, I would rather just do the one version targeted at the platform whether its desktop or mobile.

Joseph S Stevens's photo

I actually boo'ed google when they want on stage, its such BS. Google is spending millions on tech evangelism instead of spending millions on actually improving mobile performance. It's insulting!

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