Do you have imposter syndrome?

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I total agree with you. There are so many technologies to learn in this world, and they are just getting more day by day. Today you learn a new JS framework, tomorrow comes a newer and better one. Nobody will ever know all of them and be an "expert" in them.

I think one should not compare himself with someone else so often. Especially in this "internet-connected-world" we tend to do so. There are always people who know more than you in a certain field. It would be just foolish to think: I'm the best and no one knows more than me.

Not all of us develop the next Java, hash algorithm, cryptocurrency or search engine and that's good. You shouldn't be so hard to yourself.

I would never call myself a pro, since I couldn't even describe exactly what a "pro" really is in software development. I'm still learning a lot of things and I'm happy about it.

Supposing there's nothing left I could learn out there, where would be the fun?

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Exactly. You should fall in love with the process of learning rather than aiming to become an expert at everything.