Do You Know You Are Doing The Wrong Thing!

College paper writing services write how parents concern the most may be the education of your children. A little mistake in life may set obstacles for the growth of children. Here are some points that parents should really pay attention to.

Let's take a look of this case. The mother came home, opened the door and saw such scene: her little Tim was eating but not at table and at the same time watching TV, with some toys in his hands, and his grandma was following him with the bowl in her hand.

Then the mother said: "Tim, I just saw some policemen outside on the street, and one of them told mom that they were looking for kids who don't behave well when they were eating and put them into prison. Are you afraid of policeman? If you don't behave well I will give you to them.

After dinner, Tim had a bath and then he ran up and down in the house without any clothes. The mother saw that and said: "Tim, the doctor is coming to get you to the hospital. Come on! Put on your clothes or I will sent you to the hospital and let the doctor give you an injection."

Many parents tent to use policeman and doctors to fright their children so that they can behave properly. It may work for a while. But as time passes the children may develop a sense of fright towards police and doctors.

When children do not behave properly, the parents are always try to fright them. But it is not a good way of communication with children. Parents should have more patience.

When the child is pushed by an older kid, most of the parents will feel uncomfortable and think that their kid is teased. However, this thought is wrong. Children tend to express their feeling directly. In the last minutes they may be pushing each other, and in the next moment they may start hugging each other.

If the parents think that their children get bullied and try to help them, they will let the children lost many chances of solving problems by themselves. Parents can not stay beside their children forever. You should let the children learn to solve problems by themselves and, in fact, children are far stronger than what the parents think they are.

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