Do you still use image sprites even after http2?

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Considering there are zero changes in how HTML works between HTTP and HTTP2, since that's a PROTOCOL level change I'm not even sure your question makes any sense. Are you sure you've got the right terminology, or are you mistakenly using it as some sort of sick buzzword like what the mouth-breathers did with abusing/misusing "web 2.0"?

What image formats you use has Jack *** to do with it.

... and if you're not using images, what would you be using? Or are you somehow thinking that SVG files or font-stored vectors are not actually "images" -- because they are. Are you asking if people are still using RASTER images?

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@jitendra means that static bundling is not necessary for http2 protocol.

No need to concatenate css/js/png any more. (In theory of course)

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Ah, you mean the multiple request part -- which makes ZERO sense to me as I fail to understand how ONE connection for ALL files can be faster than multiple requests. It removes parallel processing from it so how the **** is it any faster?!?

That part seems overly optimistic to the point of being unrealistically naive to me. PARTICULARLY given how that would just hog the server for each user instead of taking a break to spread things around a bit. You still have to make multiple separate requests, you're just restricting it to one connection... that's at best a step sideways.

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It depends. Now we can see a lot of optimistic articles about HTTP/2, for example the following: How HTTP/2 Can Speed Up Your Site

But there a also many conditions, when http/2 won't provide a significat profit for your website HTTP/2 arrives but sprite sets ain’t no dead

As for me .. I don't use png sprites any more last 2 years, and had replaced them with svg sprites (symbol/use technique)