Do you think writers are born or made?

A common assumption among many would-be writers is the thought of not being able to write because they were not born with the gift or skill of writing.

I am curious to hear your thoughts about this. Do you think writers are born or made? If yes, why? If no, why?

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Writing is a skill. You don't born with skills, you develop them with time and practice. When I started writing a journal, I had no idea what should I write. But with time and consistent practice, I got better.

Same with technical writing too. I knew a lot but I couldn't express it in simpler terms. But with practice and feedback, I really got better. ๐Ÿ’ก Once you know the art, you can create awesome crafts.

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Writing is skill but when words started rhyming it becomes an art.

I have a lot of amazing tech stuff in my mind but don't have a words to explain it and I know I never gonna learn until I start writing. As we know the fact that:

Practice made the man perfect.

As I am new to blogging I literally don't know how to write but I jumped into the dark tunnel and started blogging.

There's always a light at the end of the tunnel.

By doing some research, I share what I was doing from past 2 weeks, I started reading books and articles to know how writers express their imaginations in words.

Keep running until you find the light...


Ignore my grammer's mistakes as English is not my Primary Language

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Hey Edidiong Asikpo :)

This is pretty common to question yourself. People going through school, are most probably never taught the "right" way to write and when the time comes, are feeling inadequate. Which is totally wrong.

Nobody mentions that writing as any other "craft" is multi-faceted and can have as many contexts as there are people.

So, experiment, release your articles and be open to feedback, you will get better by it in time. I have been doing technical development editing for more than one global software engineering book companies for years and I am still learning.

If you are into tech-writing, Google has released some good courses with nice directives


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Software Engineer at Interswitch Group

True. Nobody really emphasizes on writing is multi-faceted. Also, I love google's technical writing course and it really improved my technical writing skills.

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Full Stack Developer at Hashnode

Thanks for sharing. I am checking out that course now.

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Everyone has the spirit of writing in them, you just have to push and build it gradually. No one was born a pro in writing, time, practice and passion made them good

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They are made(mostly). Some recognize it early and some late. Writing is a Skill to have and the passion for it is the tool to sharp it further..

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I took a lil' trip wit' a free heart. And an open mind. geometry dash

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I think any skill can be honed with time and practice. It's about your perseverance and willingness to grow mindset. An article I found on Fixed vs Grown Mindset. Although I have written a few articles here on Hashnode, I personally think I still need more practice in writing. And that's why I am practicing now :) Hashnode is a great to place to start!

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Software Engineer at Interswitch Group

I will definitely read through the article you shared. Thanks for responding.

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I don't think someone born for something. Their interest in things make them what they are.

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Software Engineer at Interswitch Group

I love your perception of this. Thanks for sharing.