Faster GIT flow

My setup is like this on this project:

2 git branches

  • dev
  • master

dev is for all staging, and is automatically deployed to our staging servers for validation

master is for production and is automatically deployed to our production environment

However the flow gets stuck when only a part of dev has been validated for production and I'm looking for a solution to fix this. I don't like the idea of creating many new branches as that would break the deployment to the staging environment. I don't know if tags could solve this or there are any other clever solution using git?

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Anish Bhanwala's photo

I think the problem here could be that you haven't separated the development changes from the validation changes. Maybe what you could do is to have a workflow like dev > validate > master. When you have the required changes ready you merge dev into validate. Test everything on validate branch and then sync the changes to master. While you are validating if there are any new changes they can be merged to dev branch without affecting your validation process.