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Fear of Becoming!

Oh Wow, this is my first article and I'm definitely shivering about how people will feel about this, I've always written stuffs but I get scared to post them so I chicken out but today is different, the last word I heard in my head before doing this was the popular "JUST DO IT" locution. So at the long run I'd be writing mostly about tech and my views about life issues, I'm an unconventional person and a nonconformist,People tend to think of me as an Introvert, I'm not an introvert. I just tend to say nothing or less because most people won't get it, so I find it easier to put it into writing. Enough about me, you will get to know me more when I put out more articles, Let's get to it. Fear(phobia), an inherent human emotion, most times a response to presence of danger or incoming trouble, I guess at a point in our lives, We have suffered that either physically or psychologically and it is always triggered by the part of the brain known as "amygdala". We get scared sometimes because of uncertainty and this leads to the topic "FEAR OF BECOMING", fear of the future, uncertainty about the future. CHRONOPHOBIA(fear of future) is very common in youths of age 18 - 27. In Africa, Nigeria(where I'm from) to be precise, people tend to see this as being in a hurry or being overambitious, I think this need to be addressed carefully. Someone who is conscious of where and what they want to be must in one way or the other must go through this(I stand to be corrected) and it is definitely a worse scenario for individuals from a less privileged family or environments, The Internet or let me say people using the Internet has subconsciously added more fuel to the burning furnace of this Phobia by posting their extravagant,luxurious and privileged lifestyles on the internet and this has strengthened the voices in the head of a Chronophobia victim which screams "Will I ever be this great?", Fear of the future is normal, you are fine. Being Chronophobic doesn't make you less of a human, being scared about tomorrow doesn't make you crazy, it only shows you are conscious and you shouldn't let it take you out of your mind because that's definitely a dangerous place to be if you are not careful, I still think greatly about the future and hoenstly it scares me also but I've gotten to find out the one of the ways and probably the best way to face it is to keep working towards it, don't stop working towards it

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