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Please share roadmaps for the following data stores:

1) Realtime Database (RTB) 2) Cloud FireStore (CFS)

We have used both in our projects, but biased towards Cloud FireStore. CFS appears to get more press & feature updates. We have also reviewed comparisons here .

Would be good to know feature roadmap on RTB and CFS and a presentation around them during the event. Would be good to outline the best use cases for each.

This will help us, and other customers make the right architecture decisions.

Ramesh | srclogix.com

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First off: thanks for liking our databases. :-D Both Realtime Database and Cloud Firestore allow for a wide variety of use-cases. If you want to know which works best for a specific use-case, I'd recommend using the database recommender you already found. Oh dear, that "vs" in the URL makes it sound like a battle. :)

While it's true you'll have heard more about Firestore in recent years, that doesn't mean we're not working on Realtime Database anymore. In fact, we added an increment operator earlier this year, and have at least three new features in the works. If you'd like to stay up to date on things we're working, sign up for our alpha program.