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I have gone back and read everything in detail now. It reminds me of how I have found learning in IT for the last 40 years, "I now know more things that I don't know and need to learn" 😀

If you don't mind I would love to know your answers on the following questions (and appreciate the time you have already given):

  1. What editor do you use
  2. What are the key Editor packages that you use
  3. What do you use to store "patterns" and "code snippets" and boilerplate templates etc
  4. Are you subscribed to any learning repositories, e.g. egghead.io etc
  5. What task builder do you use, e.g. Grunt, Gulp, etc
  6. What do you use to do live browser refreshing when coding
  7. What online Git repository(s) do you use, e.g. Github
  8. .. and a lot more questions on design tools but will leave for now

Thanks again for your time and posts.....

Yeah, it is good to know that you do not know a lot of stuff, but it's even better to know what you do not know :) I am still learning, too, so I really hope people point out stuff I am missing haha

  1. Either Kate or Notepad++. I prefer the IDE "Webstorm" to any "pure" editor
  2. Just the default stuff. However, I enable ES6 with enforced strict-mode
  3. I just use my brain and I keep reading stuff again from time to time. If that does not help you, why not make your own GitHub repository with patterns :)
  4. No. I learned everything I know from the docs and from working on projects. That's what I feel most comfortable with. Maybe that's also why I started to impose very strict rules on my code. Because I made many (bad) experiences first-hand
  5. I am working on my own application host which should do everything automatically for me. It's a long way from being complete, but if you want to, you can take a look at it. It's called SHPS (I am currently working on the GitHub Wiki. Documenting a project is so booooring). If I had to choose one established task runner, I would go for Gulp.
  6. I do not use live browser refreshing. I just work on code, then test it. If there is a bug, I use Chrome's dev-tools to edit the code in-browser until it works correctly, then I copy it back to my files. One might say that is sub-optimal :)
  7. GitHub. I have a premium account, so I can hide my private stuff
  8. Really, I do not use a whole lot of tools. I use SHPS and then edit the DB with phpMyAdmin. I use Chrome's dev tools for testing. That's about it. Hmm. I sometimes use a pen and some paper or a whiteboard. Most of the time it's just the code and me

You are welcome to ask more questions!

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Wow. Thanks for enlarging on your original answer! I'm only a newbie on the path to "full stack development heaven" and posts like this both motivate and inspire me to continue on the journey.

Hey @maruru Thanks for answering my extended list of questions. I will no doubt have many more as time goes on. I've gone backwards and forwards with using an IDE but have been sticking with Atom for quite awhile now and love it. I need to learn a lot more about dev-tools and learn to use it properly as what you are doing sounds a very efficient way to do it. All the best.

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Thank you for expanding on this subject, I'll most likely keep coming back to this for some time :)

There's something else that troubles me a bit and that is Dev Ops, have you dealt with this before? I know in large teams that not much of an issue, but I'm talking from a perspective where one or two developers that want to build - for example a multi-tenancy app.

Since you haven't yet, I recommend creating a question to the community. I am pretty sure among all these amazing people someone has a better understanding than me :)

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