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Hashnode now supports AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)โšก

Speed is everything and Google loves websites that are fast! As a part of our ongoing efforts to improve speed and UX of Hashnode, we added AMP support. As a result, our story and discussion pages will load instantly from Google search results.

Here is an example:

Hashnode AMP

AMP pages load 4 times faster and consume 8 times less data than traditional web pages. Although Google doesn't rank pages higher (yet) just because of AMP support, it definitely boosts the speed, performance and overall UX for end users. So, if you come across Hashnode in Google search results, you might find the AMP icon beside Hashnode links and be able to load the articles pretty much instantly ๐Ÿ™Œ.

Do you use AMP on your websites? I would love to know your thoughts on this!

Note: We are aware of the limitations and drawbacks of AMP. It's just an experiment. If it doesn't work out well, we may remove it.

More details about AMP project:

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TristanT's photo

I don't like this from a more political view. Google gaining more and more control of people their sites. I won't even try to defend this position myself, there are already a ton of people who did:

About the performance. 4x the page load speed seems like a welcome improvement. But you only notice this when you are on mobile googling the site and then clicking it and reading it, then go on. If you then want to like a post, you will have to go to the main site. If you want to engage in anyway, you will go to the main site. So when you go to the main site, you spend (1/8+1) times the data and the total loading is (1+1/4) of which it was originally.

I feel like Hashnode is a place where people go on the site and read a couple of stories. Not a site that pops up in google and people quickly find an answer to a problem and go on.

Therefore, I am not to excited about this change. However, I really like that there is active development of new features and hope the best.

Sandeep Panda's photo

Thanks for the comment Tristan!

I understand where you are coming from and agree with the political angle. But at this point we are simply focused on growth and more visibility towards Hashnode. This is just an experiment by us and if it doesn't work well we may remove it in future.

Most of the people visiting Hashnode on mobile phones are anonymous users (logged out people). To interact with posts, they anyway have to sign up first. So, in this case going AMP actually delivers content faster to them and saves some bandwidth. If there is interest from the readers, they just need to click sign up and go to the full site. Google has started suggesting Hashnode's AMP version on mobile phones and we are still monitoring its impact.

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Congrats! Good to to know about the AMP support. When opening a Hashnode link from Twitter, I also see AMP pages. Good work.