Having issues displaying hashnode links on LinkedIn

Hi! I'm having issues getting LinkedIn to properly displayed my blog links. Everytime I tried to paste the links it gives me the error: Cannot display preview. You can post as is, or try another link. Anyone else having this issue?

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Hi Emily Liu, Linkedin, in general, has an issue with parsing web URLs. You might have to delete and paste the link again. It’s not specific to Hashnode. I just crawled this page on LinkedIn’s link inspector and it was able to parse it.


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Hi Syed Fazle Rahman, So I was able to get this post to parse properly on LinkedIn Post Inspector, however I was unable to get my own post to parse properly. The error I kept getting is "Please provide a valid URL" it seems to not like my blog url: epliu_2555.hashnode.dev . I've also did a bunch of other tests as well, and I've noticed that as long as the post originated from Hashnode and not from my blog, the link parses properly. So that got me thinking if there's something wrong with the blog itself, but I tried it out with someone's else blog post and the link parses properly. So now I'm wondering if it has something to do with my username??