How did you guys start coding? What's your story?

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I've always wanted to learn to code since I was 17 years old, but procrastination always got the best of me. On September 4th, 2018, I attempted answering a javascript question my coursemate posted on his Whatsapp status(though I had no idea of the answer). The guy asked me if I know js, I said "No, but I would like to. I just don't have the chance".

He said; "One always creates chances for anything he craves for". That sentence is really what inspired me to be a developer.

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Developer? yeah.....Love it? hell yeah!

Thank you and goodluck.

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Thatʼs an interesting story. Back in 1997, at the age of 14, i wrote the controlling software of a military space station.

Oh, wait. You didʼt know such a thing exists? Well, maybe i just disclosed a super secret military Intel. Or i was just under the mind blowing effect of contemporary cartoons like Space Ghost and Swat Cats that it became somewhat a reality to me. I have a vivid fantasy to date.

When i was 11 i got a Commodore 64. The PC with 286 (or maybe even 386) CPUs was already available, but we could not afford it. So i wrote funny programs that didnʼt do anything interesting. Also these were ephemeral as i didnʼt know how to write these programs to the tape. My school had a faculty for PC usage where we even learned the basics of BASIC (pun intended) but i could not use much of my QBasic knowledge at home.

Then in 1995 we moved to a bigger town, where we even had a class to learn awesome things like word processing (using WordPerfect) and tabular data editing (using Quattro Pro). We didnʼt learn programming here, but the DOS basics came really handy when i got my first XT and then a 286. I continued to learn QBasic (and later QuickBasic) by reading the sources of the example programs shipped with them.

At the end, i wrote an awesome (at least for myself and my cousin) control panel for our imaginary military space station. It knew our coordinates (X, Y, and Z, relative to 0, 0, 0 which was, conveniently, the position of Earth). I remember sending it to my cousin on a Floppy disk. However, we never had the chance to use it together, as my grandparents, where we spent most our time together, didnʼt have a computer.

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self-made and self-taught developer still under construction

Fascinating how everything evolved!! Thank you once again for explaining and sharing those differences 😊😊 Gergely Polonkai

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In 2010 I started a technical IT course alongside high school. In this course I studied some basic programming (with Pascal, Delphi and later with Java) and also HTML and CSS. I enjoyed it, but not that much.

Then in 2013 I started a Computer Engineering course at a university and had contact with C and a lot of Java and some deeper programming, hardware and engineering stuff. I then started really enjoying it and also began to seek knowledge about the web. It was in 2016 when I really decided that I liked web development and then started studying it apart of all the university stuff.

First I got in a good touch with the front-end world, then discovered how the back-end worked and also started studying some architecture related topics and nowadays I'm a full-time software engineer at a startup :)

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Software/Computer Engineer

Nice portuguese! You're welcome