How do you choose colors in a webpage?

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You could literally select any color you want and almost all the colours you want BUT you should not choose more than 3 or 4. What a lot of people recommend is to select your main color as a highlight and then choose a darker color of the highlight; then you select kind of a light or dark color for the background with their complementary colours.

Take for example hashnode: They use a very light grey for background and shadows, also for cards headers and links, they only use a green-blueish color as a highlight for their logo and the darker version of the same color for the name. They basically just use one color, the complementaries of that same color and a light grey and if you ask me is a very nice color selection and it really works 'cause it does not distracts you from the main content.

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Also you could use this tool from Adobe to select complementary colours or find it from users;