How do you organize Rust modules? in directory, it's better


is there more than one way? (

10% in parent directory


I like turtles


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Rust now supports two ways to organize multi-file modules.

The traditional way, which is like Python's

One advantage is that the whole module is in one directory

The new alternative:

One advantage is that you don't have dozens of files with the same name (

Which way do you prefer?

(I'm having a hard time getting used to the new way and am thinking of reverting back, so I'm curious if I'm missing something...)

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I currently use the old structure for all my projects. personally the isolation that every module is one folder to me makes more sense. on the other hand having n mod files isn't that explicit either esp. if you have some shared logic for the specific module.

It's a tough one, I stick with the old one till I see a valid reason to switch besides eventual naming collisions. Which is weird since in other languages I always would try to avoid it ....

Not much help I guess :) Maybe I am missing something else Marco Alka what do you think?

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It's so confusing to have multiple files open in the IDE, and I'd love to give them better names. However, it seems I somehow missed this new feature and I cannot find anything on the internet (though I also have to say that finding information on file hierarchy in Rust is a problem on its own...). Can you send me a link?

Even though I'd gladly use it, I think that the new alternative has a number of downsides:

  • When viewing the file and directory in a file explorer, they might be visually separated, which adds to confusion.
  • The module files might get mixed up with other regular files and it is difficult to tell them apart.

However, I think that a good IDE should somehow bring the files and folders back together. Maybe just display modules instead of actual files.

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Yeah I found it while searching searching some error messages I got while upgrading. Took a while to find back, but here it is: (along with the other changes)