How does Jest compare with Jasmine?

In this latest blog post, Facebook has shared that they are completely moving away from Jasmine, with Jest. Jest is a unit testing framework, and Jasmine with its behaviour driven testing, how does it fit in to the whole testing expression? Does the move signify Jest becoming more of a general purpose testing framework rather than preaching BDD?

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Jest <15 used Jasmine1 in the background for test execution. Many developers complained about Jest being slow, and finger pointed to Jasmine. It suffered slow startup times, slow execution times and not pretty error reports. Facebook devs ignored Jasmine2 for a long time, and it looks to me that Facebook may give up support for Jest at all since ava.js hit the ground.

But surprisingly, Facebook pushed Jest very much in the last couple of weeks. Replacing Jasmine looks to me like stepping up and moving forward; become a competitive alternative to Jasmine2, Mocha, and Ava.