How is Coronavirus Affecting Your Hiring or Your Job Hunt?

I'm located in a Midwestern US city with an emerging tech community. Since leaving my previous job in December, I'm getting back into the job hunt for fulltime or contract work. Through most of my career, I worked remotely and travelled a fair amount for periodic code jams, conferences, etc.

I have been looking at positions locally, but they are primarily lead positions that require being colocated, not to mention in-person interviewing. Alternately, most of the remote jobs are on the coasts and would require travel for interviews. Neither prospect seems really prudent right now, and I'm debating just trying to get by a little longer.

As SXSW is cancelled, the NBA is suspending play, etc, I wonder how the Coronavirus is affecting your ability to hire or find your next gig?


Update March 25th: I originally posted this March 12th as things were still very much in the air, at least in the US. This question is starting to get some traction as of last night. Personally, I'm now considering short term contracts below my usual pay, however even that seems pretty dry right now. I do have some personal projects I am focused on.

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Syed Fazle Rahman's photo

Hi Blaine Garrett, thanks for starting this thread. Coronavirus is having a toll on all the companies, and IT companies aren't an exception.

That being said, some companies are cutting down their expenses as revenues have gone down. This has also impacted the overall hiring. Companies aren't hiring "good to have" resources.

I think devs looking for new opportunity must utilize this period and spend time in building their portfolio. Take an fCC course, contribute to OSS, update your website and all the things you have been finding it difficult to do when you were busy.

I hope everyone comes out of this pandemic safely, and the new world becomes more responsible for nature.

Rutik Wankhade's photo

As a student, this has been a great opportunity for me. I am spending my time mostly learning. When all this be over, getting a job will be tougher. So this is the perfect time for students like me to boost our resume by learning and building things.

Caleb Pickens's photo

This is a great question. Fortunately for me, although my city is under stay-in-place procedures, I am able to get more work done than before! This is because I am currently a high school student and I freelance in my spare time. Before the Coronavirus pandemic, I was getting nothing done. Now, I am able to work on a website for my local HOA, update my own websites, and add to my portfolio! This time has been a great blessing to me since I don't have as many responsibilities as my parents, who have jobs (which are currently on hold) and have to go out and get groceries - and toilet paper! So, in summary, all the Coronavirus has done for me so far is positive. I'm sure that will change, but for now, I'm enjoying it. Thank you, and goodbye for now!

Kevin Pliester's photo

In our company we are now gradually moving to short-time work. After that we have to see what we are doing. That is 40-50% Euro less per month.

But I will use the time to think about what I am actually good at and then communicate that. Maybe this will bring me a little bit more money in my secondary self-employment.

Emil Moe's photo

I have had so much time now to focus on my side projects, that's great. Nothing is never so bad it doesn't have benefits. However, I wish life wasn't so stuck at the moment, this is spring, it's supposed to be the time where life blooms after a long winter :-(

Blaine Garrett's photo

I'm with you. I'm an active gardener so I'm excited for the ground to finally thaw to get some seeds in the ground.

Evita's photo

Ugh, it's been tough!

I quit my job back in December, but then due to Coronavirus a longer trip came to an end and I ended up buying a home... which I need employment for, that's just how things work in Scandinavia – contract work just doesn't hack it. I digress.

I went from being able to sign a fulltime contract within a week – to speaking to closer to 10 companies without a single offer.

It's gruelling and nerve-wracking, besides; all the US-based remote jobs have such a rigorous interviewing process, I don't do well with them.

Blaine Garrett's photo

After 3 interviews, I just heard back from a job that I was excited about: "Wasn't a unanimous slam dunk" so the job hunt continues. Might be just time to start my own thing...

Evita's photo

That's what I was trying to do before the house turned up, I went off gallivanting towards Africa in my van to think and code, then corona hit... and now I bought a house. How things turn. Blaine Garrett