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How to add friends to steam?

I got Steam Wallet Gift Card code from cardgeneratos (Official Link and I want to share it wit my friend. But i don't know How to add friend in my steam Account please Help me.

I have some steps but unknown error occur. Following are those steps.

  1. First of all i want to tell you that i'm from india.
  2. I'm new to the steam.How can i add friends to my steam account.
  3. I guess To add friends i do need to make a purchase of 5$ .What would be wise to do.
  4. Gamersgift is offering 5$ cards at the price of 345.
  5. I want to know that the wallet code that i will receive will be of exactly 5$ or it's value will be less than 5$. Or are there any currency conversation charges gets applied at the steam wallet.
  6. In that case, i would like to buy 690/10$ package if my 5$ credit will be reduced by a few cents because of currency conversation charges.
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