How to become a freelancer?

Hello Hashnoders,

I need advice from you about becoming a freelancer.

How do i impress the people who are giving the task.

What type of projects should I do in order to earn a bit of extra money. I know the MERN stack and I have done some hobby projects.

Do you know any ways to which I can get my first freelance project ?

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make a portfolio website, and do blogging about your stuff, get help from your competitors' content marketing.

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Hey Siddharth,

there are a lot of platforms like or that mediate between freelancers and clients. In order to "earn a bit of extra money" just sign up on one of those platforms and do what you're good at.

Unfortunately, the competition on these platforms is extremely high in almost any field and there are a lot of freelancers that work for "dumping prices". A concrete example would be the design branch: on fiverr, I stumbled across freelancers that offered a basic screendesign for under 5$.

Similar trends can be observed for the programming sector on those platforms. Some freelancers code a basic native iOS app for 250$ - obviously, the quality of such an app won't be high-end, but a lot of clients don't need high end stuff and worry about price a lot.

It's also worth to know that you'll probably have a hard time offering niche-products on there. Most of the clients on those sites are individuals or small businesses, that search for full-stack solutions instead of e.g. just a Node.js server. But hey, might as well be that you'll have a lot of customers - I'm just talking about my personal experience.

So my advice would be to just try it out and offer something you're good with. Just know that competition is huge and pay-off probably won't be too big. Worst case would be that you waste your time creating the profile 🤷‍♂️.

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I think it's great that more and more companies start to add crypto to their payment methods. I work as a freelancer, and after reading about all the benefits of using crypto, I decided to find a platform where I will be able to receive payments in crypto. I found one called LaborX here , and I've already registered there. It launches soon, and there I'll be able to work as a developer. Now I need to create a wallet and wait for the first orders.

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Are you trying to promote this weird website here? Your reply sounds very generic and doesn’t really relate to what has been written in this thread so far. If so, please do everybody a favour and use the project-showcase or something to promote your projects. Sergio Maduto