How to best create app-skeleton for Aurelia/ASP.NET5 app with login/claims?

I'm making a new app for work. It's supposed to go live in late summer, so I feel confident using ASP.NET 5 and Aurelia. Was originally going to use Angular 2, but the more I see of Aurelia, the more I like it.

What I want to get up in a skeleton app is just login and roles/claims. I do not want any SoMe-login, only email/password. Have been thinking of using IdentityServer for handling this.

Does anyone have any comments, links to posts or other stuff that can help with this?

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Hi Please see For autentication aurelia plugin.

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I have zero experience with Asp.NET 5 but have used Aurelia in a scheduled to be live application.

  • Its a MVC 5 +WebAPI application
  • Authenticates using Google+ creds using Owin.Google without any Identity DB(but intentionally that)
  • Since the application does not have any views available for unauthorized users, I simply wrapped/bootstrapped the Aurelia app inside a razor view.
  • Backend API Methods with Authorized attribute.