How to deploy mern-starter to heroku in production?

Facing a lot of problems deploying to heroku. First I have to add a Profile to instruct it to run npm run bs. Then heroku tells me that it needs a devDependency, rimraf. Have you guys battle tested this thing for deployment?

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Hi, shawn! By default, Heroku has the production flag set to true on NodeJS projects, which results in the installation of the production dependencies only. If you would also like to install devDependencies, you can either set the corresponding production flag to false...

$ heroku config:set NPM_CONFIG_PRODUCTION=false

...or optionally, move all of your npm devDependencies to dependencies; as is recommended in the story which Sandeep shared in his answer. Please do give it a complete read for a quick checklist of things to do, to get the MERN boilerplate deployed to Heroku.

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