How to Fix Burnout as a Developer?

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Do a check-up with yourself every now and then.

Do i like this job? If not, is it the actual work, the people around me, both, or something completely different? If your job is not the thing you like to do, or it is too demanding, or outright toxic, resign as soon as possible. Workplace problems, especially psychical ones, are the primary reasons of burnout.

Should i really work on this side project? Is it actually important, or is it just a form of procrastination? Most side projects are started only as a way to procrastinate on something, usually on solving the above workplace problems. Such side projects are the ones you never finish. If this is the case, abandon that project, and go back to your original problem, otherwise you divide your remaining energy between meaningless things.

Is my social life OK? Do i meet people who charge me and not discharge me in meatspace? Meeting real people charges everyone regardless of being introverted or extroverted. The only difference is the types of relationships you form. My sister can charge in any group of people as she’s an extrovert; i, on the other hand, need meanungful chat with close friends to achieve this. If you meet people only in the cyberspace, it requires some form of concentration, even if it’s just waiting for the notification sound from your phone. Also, during meatspace events, try avoiding your phone as much as possible. If you are not waiting for a truly important call or message, you should even mute it.

The usual cause of burnout is a job you don’t like and the lack of social interactions. Get well soon!

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