Recently I have been interested in working with big teams. I have run my programming business/agency for over 3 years and I feel like I need to break away and just learn from the best. However, I would not consider myself as a software engineer because most of the languages I know are self taught. So, thinking of joining a big company and join the dev team as a junior developer might be safer or... am just not sure what and how to classify myself in the category. How do you tell or know you are a junior developer?


Usually "junior" is ranked according to some measure of experience (years in the job) and skill level (what you can do). Self taught isn't a problem so long as you can actually do things.

Each company will rank a little differently. A junior dev in one company might be a developer in another. It depends what they are looking for. An applicant might have the core programming skills but not have experience in automated testing, for example.

You can always apply for a mid-range job and if they turn you down, ask for feedback on what they were looking for that you didn't have. Some places will offer a lower role if they like you but don't think you've got the full skills for what you came in for, too.

So... apply and have an honest conversation about what you are looking for and why; and what you have experience doing.

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Feb 6, 2018