How to have custom URL and remove .html extension without Wordpress?

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You can use angular route(ngRoute). So all your links has a route to the file you want.

Example: Using ionic 1

.state('app.tabs.myorders', {
        url: '/myorders',
        views: {
            'tab-myorders': {
                templateUrl: 'templates/myorders.html'

.state('myorder', {
    url: '/myorders/:myorderId',
    templateUrl: 'templates/myorder.html',

And when you access to "/myorders" you get all into the template(all the orders), in this case it's "templates/myorders.html". In these template(myorders.html) there are links to any order like this "href="/myorders/56", where "56 is :myorderId"(order id). So, if you clicked on any link, it access to the state myorder.

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