How to implement the functionality to host any web app on a given domain through a single command similar to the discourse or deploy button of Heroku?

So I tried to install Discourse using docker on the server and by installing all the dependencies and docker images, I set up the discourse then run the discourse to set up on to the server Firstly after running ./discourse-setup, they are asking for the given below info:

  1. The hostname for your Discourse? []:
  2. Email address for the admin account(s)? []:
  3. SMTP server address? []:
  4. SMTP port? [587]: 587
  5. SMTP user name? []: user@gmailcom
  6. SMTP password? [pa$$word]: 123
  7. Let' s Encrypt account email? (ENTER to skip) []:

That's it, then it's opening on the and ask to register as usual web apps and so on.. to set up the forums.

But the problem is that I am not getting it, how they have implemented this hosting functionality, they are directly hosting on the provided hostname or IP just after taking the above-mentioned inputs from the user, (Suppose we do the same thing and ask for some domain name like and the other info similar to discourse and then just after hitting enter Donut get installed on to the server, so when we move to then it will open up the donut-platform and start asking for info to set up the community, so how to implement this hosting functionality onto that given domain name just through a click or just single enter after taking those inputs? ) Here is the link to follow the tuts: 1. (for ubuntu ) or (for cloud server) (edited)

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