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How to let your Desktop use wallpaper with no compression! *Different Method(Absolutely Working) #win11_hacks

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Nihal Thakur
·Nov 23, 2021·

2 min read

As a design enthusiast and an engineer(Security SDE), i was wondering! why the textual edits on my desktop's wallpaper gets blurred out even though i have a super resolution 8k image, this time i went for more higher resolution image(15K) even though the windows blurred the former out, i noticed, its not the texts, its the entire image getting compressed by some auto compression registry,

I have found and read thousands of article stating that, setting Hexadecimal value to 100 for DWORD 32-bit "JPEGImportQuality" in Registry "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop" works like charm, but its not, at least for me! [for record: I am on Windows 11 on my Legion 7i(tbh it dosen't matter, coz this hack has an OS dependency)]

Moving On, I HAVE FOUND!!!, a permanent hack for this on all OS (Windows 10 20H2 and later.)

STEP 1: Starting with, Converting Your JPEG to PNG(Higher Editable) refer this website to convert your Image in desired format. https://cloudconvert.com/jpg-to-png (Considering you are ready with an Image, if Not, already download the most Highest resolution of Your Image [ Research a bit on Google/ take the help of Google lens extension on Image viewing for google / take the help of extension called TinEye])

STEP 2: Type Regedit in your windows search, and Run it as an Administrator, now go to "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop", Click on Modify for "JPEGImportQuality" DWORD 32-bit to 99999999 for Hexadecimal


(If you do not find the Registry Key then Create a DWORD 32-bit value with name "JPEGImportQuality" and then set it)

STEP 3: Now Go to your Image Location now right click on your image and set it from the context menu only.[STRICTLY] when you use and Image Viewer it may set the Processed value only. Hence, set the Raw value.

Set Background.gif

Voilaaaa!!!!!!!! thats pretty much it, you are not going to loose image quality even after reboot now.

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