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How to manage a google account and tips to use it without exceeding 15GB of storage

In the google dominated world we have a single free yet powerful tool for receiving and sending mail, however one mail id for all our internet requirements is quite riskier, because of frequent leaks and many other factors, and we as enthusiasts can't resist that temptation to open new app and login with google to avoid the hassle of remembering passwords.

getting all mails on a single mail id is way more unorganized and you, if you are like me who never deletes any mail just under the umbrella of it, might be useful in the future, then google will be eager to charge google one membership and never the less instead of hassle of getting that data downloaded and saving it on the portable disk or shifting to other services is one of a time-consuming task.

so I decided to break down the dependency on a single google account currently I use 4 different email addresses according to the task assigned with a specific email address, one is a complete backup account, one is a day to day personal communication, one is completely dedicated to entertainment purpose (Netflix, Amazon, Ecommerce sites, other stuff) one is specifically for fintech apps all financial, banking related emails goes into that specific mail address. so there is less distraction and more work.

I came up with this idea while I was researching different email service providers like yahoo, outlook, proton mails, what makes them stand out, I was more likely to use yahoo as my primary mail and I did that for 2 years but as we all know about yahoo, the outlook was a better choice still, the outlook is also hungry for user data why don't we feed google at least it can give me a better recommendation.

Google is actually can be controlled, a bit you can turn off every permission which is hungry for data still not sure about does that really does the job. labels and filters make email very bulky and I like minimal designs or tech so max 6-8 labels I can bear above that I don't have the patience to search and do the stuff.

so making it declutter a digital space, I have 4-5 primary mail accounts which I check as per the requirement this way I can manage them effectively and my data in google account is less consumed.

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