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How To Use Generics Properly To Infer Return Type of Function Correctly?

Arihant's photo
·Oct 31, 2019

I've the following types

type ItemDefaultType = object | null | string

interface ItemToString<Item = ItemDefaultType> {
  (item: ItemDefaultType): string;

interface AutosuggestState<Item = ItemDefaultType> {
  highlightedIndex: number | null
  inputValue: string | null
  isOpen: boolean
  selectedItem: Item

interface AutosuggestProps<Item = ItemDefaultType> extends AutosuggestState<Item> {
  itemToString?: ItemToString<Item>;

  initialSelectedItem?: Item;
  initialInputValue?: string;
  initialHighlightedIndex?: number | null;
  initialIsOpen?: boolean;

  defaultHighlightedIndex?: number | null;
  defaultIsOpen?: boolean;

  id?: string;
  inputId?: string;
  labelId?: string;
  menuId?: string;

  itemCount?: number

I want to make a getInitialValue function with the intended signature –

// this has to be done correctly using generics, not been able to do it, read on…
  props: Props extends AutosuggestProps,
  stateKey: StateKey extends keyof AutosuggestState
) => AutosuggestState[StateKey] // return the correct type of AutosuggestState property based on which stateKey was passed

The behaviour of getInitialValue looks like this

const defaultStateValues = {
  highlightedIndex: -1,
  isOpen: false,
  selectedItem: null,
  inputValue: ''

function getDefaultValue(props, statePropKey) {
  const defaultPropKey = `default${capitalizeString(statePropKey)}`
  if (defaultPropKey in props) {
    return props[defaultPropKey]
  return defaultStateValues[statePropKey]

function getInitialValue(props, statePropKey) {
  if (statePropKey in props) {
    return props[statePropKey]
  const initialPropKey = `initial${capitalizeString(statePropKey)}`
  if (initialPropKey in props) {
    return props[initialPropKey]
  return getDefaultValue(props, statePropKey)

I'm finding it hard to write types of both getInitialValue and getDefaultValue such that getInitialValue correctly infers the right type as below –

const selectedItem = getInitialValue(props, 'selectedItem') // selectedItem variable should correctly be inferred as **object | null | string** since that's what its type is in **AutosuggestState** interface

Can someone help me write the types?