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I almost didn't become a web developer TWICE.

Jenny Ma's photo
Jenny Ma
·Nov 28, 2020·

3 min read

Two years ago, while I was trying to decide what I wanted to learn this year, I saw this Concordia University ad on Facebook. I always try to push myself to be better so being in this self-disciplined continuous learning cycle is my yearly tradition. I did squash and pottery the years before. And that year, I applied to this coding bootcamp. It was expensive but at least it was from a reputable University and the most important variable is: it doesn't interfere with my work schedule.

There was an interview and I had a few weeks to study some concepts and in the end, obviously I passed them both.

But the unexpected variable kicked in. My boyfriend proposed to me and I said yes. We got married and it was either honeymoon or 7 months of bootcamp without vacation (that was in September 2019). Sorry if I will deceive some of you but I chose the honeymoon and went to Thailand for 1 whole month. No regrats! 🤟

I had asked to postpone my application to the next cohort and they said yes. But in March 2020, when I was supposed to start my bootcamp...Mr Covid kicked in....

While everybody was fighting for toilet paper, I was struggling whether or not I should do this or ask for a refund in case I will lose my job, like so many other people.

I told myself if I don't do it now, I am never going to do it again. And here I am today, a one week old grad from the intensive Full Stack Web Developer bootcamp.

Not going to lie, I was once and will always be a procrastinator but if you just do 1 single thing for yourself every year, I promise you will feel damn good about it.

Good luck! Jenny Ma💌