I am Aaron Patterson (tenderlove), Core team member of Ruby and Rails, and Software Engineer at GitHub. Ask me anything!

Started on March 14, 2019 6:00 PM

Hi everybody!

My name is Aaron Patterson, aka "tenderlove". I am a Senior Software Engineer at a small startup company called GitHub. I'm on the Rails Core team, which is the team responsible for developing and maintaining the Rails web framework. I'm also on the Ruby Core team which is the team responsible for developing and maintaining the Ruby language.

I love programming, cats, and cooking (specifically meat curing). I am also a mechanical keyboard enthusiast and amateur / beginning hardware hacker. Please ask me anything!

As some ideas for stuff to talk about:

  • I've been working on a compacting GC for Ruby so we could talk about that.
  • I've been looking at speeding up template rendering so we could also talk about that.
  • Concurrency and parallelism in Ruby
  • Making stuff with AVR chips
  • Which mechanical switches are best
  • Cat stuff
  • How puns are created
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What do you think about Elixir?

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What's the best part of being Rails core team member? Who do you admire the most in Rails community?

I guess the best part of being on the Rails core team is that I get to help shape the direction of Rails in the future. I admire many people in the Rails community for different reasons. DHH for his skill to cut through bullshit, Rafael for his patience and selflessness, Eileen for her drive and skill. I try to pick out the good qualities of the people around me and incorporate them in to myself. I feel lucky to be part of such a good community!

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What is your favorite pun?

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And just because i can show off my language skills here: tenimotsu wa te ni motsu?

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Hi, Aaron.

Can you share how you structuring your rails project?


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We explicitly render views with local variables. But typically we'll pass a view object because passing a ton of variables gets to be too cumbersome.

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Why are there more cat videos than dog videos on the internet?

Ah, probably because cats are super adorable. 😉

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