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I am Alex Russell. Ask me anything.


Hi Alex! πŸ‘‹

I would love to know your workflow. How do you manage to contribute to OSS, participate in events and also work at Google? What is your typical day like at work?

"Workflow" sure sounds grandiose!

Truth be told, I do less OSS these days that I think folks would assume. Most of my work day is taken up by meetings, and there's enough stuff rolling in on different fronts that I now explicitly try to have folks schedule time to chat when there's something important to do or work out.

Travel is a huge part of the job. Between standards, conferences, and the worldwide distribution of the Chrome team, I'm probably on the road one week a month. Making that work has mostly been about lowering expectations: when you're congenitally slow to respond to email, people start taking your advice to schedule time on your calendar ;-)

When I'm in the Bay Area (home), my day starts about 8:30am (meetings with Europe/US East Cost). I usually take the early ones from home then go into the office. I do meetings, email, and fire-fighting (chat/slack) through lunch (I tend to eat at my desk while working). Afternoons are a mix. On light meeting days (monday/friday), I try to set aside make-time for performance work, writing design docs, and coding.

I'm out of the office and shutting work out of my life by 6-6:30pm. I used to be terrible at this, but putting limits on the time I'm thinking about work has made me realize how much I need the people around me (and has transformed my attitude towards them). Nobody does anything important alone, and acknowledging that you're part of a team means taking care of yourself enough such that you're there for the team when they need go home. Play some video games. Do anything but work when you're not "working".

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