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What are your thoughts on transpilers and new JavaScript language features that have not yet landed in all browsers being treated as the "industry standard" way to write JavaScript?

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Dragging the web platform into the mid-naughties, one spec at a time. Progressive Web Apps are my jam.

I feel some guilt about the current state of affairs. A team I led ("Parkour") built an early (the first?) ES.next -> ES.now transpiler -- "Traceur" -- in the ES6 timeframe...so to some extent, we started this fire.

And it is on fire. I see so many traces where the combination of Babel transpilation overhead and poor WebPack foo totally sink the performance of a site.

I'm happy that babel-present-env is now the norm, but I'm sad that we're still playing this game. To some degree I think it would be prudent for most developers to make a hard cut: only support browsers that support ES6 natively and give other users the progressively-enhanced experience (which you were doing, right?). Transpilers should fade away, not get more central to our workflows.

I less kind thoughts for proprietary, non-standards-track forks of HTML and JS (e.g., JSX), but will keep them to myself = )