I am an undergraduate. The more I look at job listings, the more I want to work towards building a startup.

I have an idea and I'm working on the prototype. I'm planning on presenting it as a minor project during my next semester and use this to gather feedback on it from my professors. I already have a fellow classmate excited and willing to work on it.

Is it fine to be a founder while being an undergraduate or is it better to first have a relatively stable income first?

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That's definitely one of the possibilities. Maybe it's a good one for you.

But I'm not sure you should make this choice based on job listings. What information are you getting from job listings that makes you want to avoid having a job?

I think it's hard to judge what it's like to have a particular job just by the job listing, which is often exaggerated and inaccurate.

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I mean looking at a job doesn't make me as excited as wanting to start my own company

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Why not? Think it would be awesome! I do remember mark Gutenberg starting Facebook long before he graduated I think if my knowledge base is correct!

One thing they have found amongst a lot of the top founders of startups and big companies that majority of them never graduated or dropped out of college and what ever it is that makes that spark happen it pays off so you never know :)

p.s in an ideal world we would all love a stable income first but sometimes we don't have that option and just build as we go. If i'm correct, Virgin Media CEO Richard Branson is well known to have started Virgin Music by receiving his telephone calls in a local phone box :D