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I am Arthur Breitman. Ask me anything.


Hey Arthur, Thanks for doing the AMA. I love Tezos. Here's my question:

What role do you think AI will play in Blockchain in the near future? Have you seen any project using this combination?

I have a strong interest in AI and my background is in machine learning and statistics in the first place. That said, I think the intersection between AI and blockchains is very narrow.

In general, blockchains, contracts require hard, predictable, rules. Most modern AI isn't a great fit for that. Some people have also envisioned data markets for AI on the blockchain... I'm skeptical, why does this need to be decentralized or censorship resistant?

I think the intersection lies in tooling and analysis : AI learning to synthetize adversarial inputs to test the security of smart-contracts, AI learning profitable deviation from the honest strategy in a consensus algorithm, etc.

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