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I am Arthur Breitman. Ask me anything.


Salut Arthur, j'ai trois questions pour toi :

-How Tezos is going to manage nodes in the futur, so as to keep the protocol as much decentralized as possible ?

-Did Tezos plan to create a structure like Consensys did for Ethereum, to promote the protocol and helps its integration in old companies (banks, insurers...) ?

-How many dapps are currently being developed ? Merci :)

1) It's an uphill battle as economic forces systematically push towards efficiency which generally means centralization. The main tools in the utility belt are : trying to give lower marginal operating costs to smaller entities (i.e. dis-economies of scale) and increasing risk for large operations.

2) Tezos is a blockchain, it cannot create structures.

3) I don't know. I've heard of maybe 5-10 but there are probably more. I'm not super into the "dapp" model.

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