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Hello Brian,

I love your work related to front end part. So what your daily day like as Cloud Advocate at Microsoft. How much coding you do everyday?

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Hey Jalpesh! Thank you!

My job is fun because it varies heavily. Some days I'm heads down in code all day, writing demos, proofs-of-concept, or product code with the teams on Azure. Other days I'll act as a consultant for internal teams, helping them serve the front end and Node.js communities. Other days I'm on the road and speaking at conference so I'm just trying to keep it together with all the jet-lag!

I do try to code every. Some times that's open source, some times it's for work, and other times it's just me trying to learn something new.

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Thanks for your time. You inspired me to do a lot. But I can't manage sometimes I do procrastinate so what is your advice to be productive?