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Hi Brian,

great to have you here! Thanks for doing this AMA! As a cloud advocate at Microsoft, one of the top cloud providers, how do you actually see the current situation

  1. at Microsoft - do new projects try to get into the cloud, or value a more traditional approach?
  2. at other companies - in what direction do you think the server landscape will develop? Will everyone create their own cloud? Will a few cloud-providers become the center of the internet? Might everything develop in a whole different direction?
  3. in the world of free developers - I, for one, quit my server contracts last month in favor of using Zeit for free as my testing ground, but I also know that some of my personal customers want to use Azure instead of other hosting providers (which is welcome by me, because I prefer my NodeJS server)

The Cloud is very amazing for us developers, we can deploy a server without thinking about the infrastructure at all. What, in your experience, is the type of application which has benefitted the most from the Cloud, yet, and which other applications will probably benefit a whole lot if they transition to the Cloud?

Just today, I read about Microsoft's Project Mu, the latest OpenSource contribution by Microsoft. What do you think about Microsoft going OpenSource in a such an aggressive manner? Do you see any problems, especially for other companies who don't follow this trend? Will people in the future pay for services instead of software? What's your personal opinion: would a world, in which closed source software is prohibited globally, be ideal?

And for the most important questions: Is it already snowing in Seattle? What will you do over New Year's?

Again thank you for taking time for an AMA!

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One sec, responded to the wrong question โ€ฆ

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  1. At Microsoft we're all in on Azure. We dogfood constantly so if something is painful for you it's painful for us too. So everything we're doing is going into the cloud. We think it's a good approach because individual teams at Microsoft don't have to worry about data centers and just to focus on product.

  2. I think most companies will host most of the infra in the cloud. I think we'll see the three top players continue to grow (Amazon, Microsoft, Google) because all three are doing a good job of focusing on innovative ways to serve their clients. I don't imagine many companies will create their own cloud but will continue to use public clouds like Azure. I imagine hybrid clouds where things like HIPAA-sensitive data (or any data that must be hosted on-premise) are hosted on-premise and app code is run in the public cloud will continue to thrive too.

  3. Any team that doesn't want to worry about power, outages, physical access, temperature, hardware upgrades, etc. stands to gain a lot from hosting in the cloud. Managing your own metal is expensive and hard. Some companies have the human capital to manage it but most of us just want to write our code and focus on that. Anyone like that is going to benefit from hosting in the cloud.

  4. I love open source. I'm stoked Microsoft is leaning into that. We all get to learn and improve together. I hope to see companies like MongoDB continue to thrive where their product is open source but they're a commercial entity backing it up. I think those that don't open source their products are missing out on the power of people who want to solve their own problems. What if I need a feature in your product that you don't have yet? I can build it for you, I get what I want and you get free features.

  5. I don't think we should prohibit closed source software. I don't see a compelling reason to do that.

  6. It's raining a lot! But no snow. I'm heading to Salt Lake City on Sunday though and I'll be snowboarding up at Snowbird! For NYE we'll find some fun bar in Capitol Hill in Seattle to ring in the new year.