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Hi Brian! Thank you for doing this AMA, hope you're doing good.

I want to start an open-source project related to public transport and e-ticket systems, but I don't know how to find developers that may be interested in the project, and what makes an open source project a good project that you can easily contribute into. (For example, we can't really use Trello to divide tasks, but GitHub Projects is messy too, or I don't know if I need to create a Code of Conduct, what to include in README, etc.). Is there any resource that helps developers create these assets for projects, and any platform where I can find some buddies to help on the project?

(Totally off but in case someone is interested, here's the project's GitHub page )

Bests, Dani

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Hey Dani!

I think you're on the best track right now: just write code. As devs, we're bombarded all day with people that want us to write code for them. Jem Young put it best when he said it's like asking people to listen to your mix tape.

Instead, your best bet is just to get something working. People will see that and want to contribute to it. I'd say organize via GitHub, even if it's a bit annoying, because people can look at what you're doing, what you're planning on doing, and contribute directly to that.

Beyond that, you just have to be a @Sean Larkin: just talk about it all the time. Apply to conferences, meetups, and just talk about what you're learning by doing it. People will be drawn to that and want to contribute.

Good luck friend! Looks awesome!