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What's in your dev toolkit? (editors prefs, SaaS software​, etc).

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cloud advocate @ Microsoft

  1. Visual Studio Code. I used it before I was at MSFT but I just love it. Amazing for writing code, managing Azure stuff, and staying organized.

  2. I love Kaleidoscope for doing git diffs and merge conflicts.

  3. Firefox Stable for browsing the Interwebs.

  4. I write my articles in MacDown for a simple markdown based editor

  5. Spotify 24/7

  6. I have a little Microsoft Surface Go that I travel with now. Great for watching videos, writing a little Node.js and playing old games like Dungeon Keeper II.

  7. iTerm2 w/ fish. I usually work with bash since I teach a lot but man I love fish shell.

  8. Dank Mono font and @Sarah Drasner's Night Owl theme for VSCode.