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Thanks for hosting this AMA.

What, according to you, made CodePen a huge success? (given that the front-end world already had jsFiddle, Plunker etc)?

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Thanks for having me! I'm digging this site.

Also thanks for considering CodePen a huge success. Time will tell, on that one, but I'm very confident!

It's true that tools like jsFiddle and JSBin predate CodePen, and CodePen was born in their shadow. We had this consideration: "What are the coolest demos people have made on jsFiddle, TODAY?" How do you find them? Who decides that?

Based on that, we decided to make the homepage of CodePen a showcase rather than the editor itself. We decided to have user accounts and make CodePen a social network in addition to a code editor. We decided we'll pick some of the best work on CodePen and show it to you. We decided we'll use algorithms to determine popular work, so you have a voice in what is popular as well. The community that came out of that is what makes CodePen different. Well, one of many things ;)

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