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Hi Chris:

1) As far as I know you are a self taught developer (the best one) how have you done that? I know it's a long journey to become an expert in one field but sometimes we we need guidance.

2) Could you please mention what tech/language/framework you're going to utilize in the next 6 months?

3) What's the tech stack of CodePen?

4) How many programming books do read per month?

One more thing, I started off my programming with CSSTricks :) Thanks for all the tricks you taught us :)

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1) There might be a little too much mystique around "self taught". A guitar player might be deemed "self taught" because they didn't take lessons. But in actuality, they downloaded a bunch of tabs, watched YouTube videos, ask fellow musicians questions, listened to a huge variety of existing music. They had teachers, they just didn't call themselves teachers.

Development is the same thing. Even if you didn't go to school for it, you learned along the way through reading, googling, co-workers, whatever.

As for me, I'm absolutely not self-taught. In high-school I took programming courses and loved them and excelled at them. In college I took both programming, art, and design courses. I've taken online courses. I've read a ton of books on design and development. All that in addition to the normal course of learning through community and doing. I'm very much a product of teaching.

2) The biggest project going right now is Rails, but React/Redux inside of it, and SCSS/PostCSS.

3) We have a podcast called CodePen Radio that talks about this stuff a lot. It's that stuff above, plus some Node, MySQL, loads of AWS servers.

4) I probably skim at least one.

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