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Hey Eric. There's a lot of divergent work in organizing CSS right now, such as BEM, SMACSS, Inline Styles, CSS-in-JS, ITCSS, and Atomic CSS. Still, there are not a lot of conceptual design patterns for how to organize your CSS (if you're using stylesheets) in an efficient and scalable way. Meanwhile, design patterns in JS, Java, and PHP such as Flux/Redux, MVC, and functional programming are now the way of things. Do you see a way forward for design patterns for how to organize CSS in stylesheets utilizing the core features of CSS? Are there any promising organizational patterns out there that might not be as well known? Thanks.

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I liked http://alistapart.com/article/meaningful-css-style-like-you-mean-it very much, though probably because it’s the closest I’ve seen to how I write CSS.

But the real challenge in this question is that there are a lot of ways to organize CSS, possibly infinite ways, and what works for me may not—probably won’t!—work for you. I don’t think the divergence of work in CSS organization is a weakness of the language. It’s a strength, because it shows that CSS is flexible enough to support all those different patterns of work. There’s room for a lot more.