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Another question, sorry for pestering you.

What are things you follow to improve website's accessibility? Do you think only following schema tags is enough today?

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No worries! No, schema tags aren’t enough. There are a lot of things that go into making a site accessible, but the fundamentals are still solid: clean semantic markup, ARIA where needed, clear content and design, and a strong focus on stress cases.

For example, Derek Featherstone has a great exercise: what is it like to try to fill out a form if you’re looking at it through a drinking straw? Does the flow make sense, or is it confusing? The answer matters because that’s what it’s like for someone with limited vision, who may have blown the zoom way up on your design. If they have to pan back and forth and back and forth, even if they’re using the keyboard to jump fields, it can be very disorienting.

That’s a stress case that can help you realize that a more linear flow is easier to understand. Which, incidentally, makes for a better mobile design. And so on.