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Hi Eric,

Nice to see you here. :) I am your huge fan. Congrats for the success of Designing For Real Life.

It's strange no one has asked you questions related to CSS Frameworks so far. What are your thoughts on frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, etc? Do you use them or recommend them?

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Thanks, Ida! I don’t use frameworks or recommend them, but I don’t necessarily recommend against them, either. I think they’re great prototyping tools, since they make it easy to get something spooled up really fast. The problem I see is when they’re used in production. The output is always distressingly clunky, and the layout often fragile. And that’s even assuming you don’t rely on Javascript to make them work, which is asking for trouble. Almost nobody intentionally disables JS, but slow networks can prevent loading, and older devices can choke to death on the processor demand.