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Looking over the list of contributors on GitHub, it looks like 99% of the work is you. Have you thought about the ongoing governance of the project if you get hit by a bus / take a demanding job / loose interest / etc? Is there a logical successor?

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Yes, this is indeed a problem I have been thinking about lately, especially as the scope of the project grows. However, there are already numerous passionate users who are contributing occasionally - what I need to do is probably empower them and give them more incentive to contribute. That's why I just started an open call for collaborators and already received 30+ applications so far. I'm hoping to build a team so that it's no longer just me :)

BTW if anyone is interested, here's the application link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1SgDgKZqyivEf5xl0EOWNfs68Xy3f4oBzLXIlwlS0BIs/viewform