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Hey, Francesc thanks for the AMA and the justforfunc episode on Go modules. I would love to know your take on dep vs go modules and maybe go a little deeper into the differences between the two approaches. And please feel free to do a dedicated justforfunc episode for it, if it's difficult to do it here.

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VP of Product & DevRel at source{d} - #MLonCode #CodeAsData #golang #justforfunc

Since I joined source{d} I've been doing more and more data science and machine learning ... which has driven me back to Python.

I would have loved to be able to write those things in Go too ... but unfortunately things like tensorflow and pandas are not available in Go.

Ok, tensorflow kinda is ... but not really, you can't do any training with it anyway. Gorgonia is worth having a look and I think it might eventually become a great option but the biggest challenge on using it right now is it's documentation.

So ... I guess I want pandas in Go? It could be called gophers! 😅