I am helping thousands of dev bloggers attain creative freedom with Hashnode. I am Sandeep Panda, ask me anything!

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Hi Sandeep Panda, Thank you for your effort and live session. We are eager to meet you there.

1) How you visualize 'Python' in the next 10 years ? compare it with Java and (mainly) PHP. Do you smell any thing wrong on the growth, usage % of PHP ?

2) What is the highest entrepreneurial challenge you faced in the journey of hashnode.com ? How you got the solution ? (Please you answer should be ' entrepreneur 2 entrepreneur ' style

Once again thank you very much and see you on 9/11

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  1. I primarily work with Node.js and React. Can't really comment on Python/PHP -- sorry. 😕

  2. You can learn more about our challenges here: hashnode.com/post/i-am-helping-thousands-of..

Thanks for dropping by. :)