I am helping thousands of dev bloggers attain creative freedom with Hashnode. I am Sandeep Panda, ask me anything!

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Hey Sandeep,

Again, thank you guys so much for setting this platform up 🤟

Could you perhaps give some insights in how big the community is now?

  • Active users/blogs

And more important where do you see Hashnode in 5 years time?

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Thanks for being an active member of Hashnode.

I publish a traction summary and growth report at the end of every month. You can check out reports for the last two months here:

where do you see Hashnode in 5 years time?

Our long term vision is to establish Hashnode as an inclusive and close knit community of developers. We want to own the content creation market. It doesn't matter if you are an individual developer or a business -- you should be on Hashnode if you make something for developers.