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Hi Jake, Thanks for the AMA.

As a crypto economist, why do you think the value of coins of almost every blockchain company is decreasing? Do you think inflationary model is flawed? Do you think apps didn't get enough time to prove themselves?

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Founder @ CoinFund

Thanks for the question, I am hardly an economist, I am much more a technologist or cryptofinancial analyst. :)

I think the value of blockchain assets is decreasing because prices today are not driven by fundamental value but by sentiment. And sentiment is down on most assets in today’s market.

I don’t think any given model is necessarily flawed. All models have their application spaces. Livepeer has a super interesting inflationary cryptoeconomics with variable inflation rates based on network participation — that’s super fascinating and interesting.

No one has built a proper mainstream app yet. CryptoKitties came slightly close, but not there yet. We’ll need to spend some more time on base layers and infrastructure and middleware in order to be able to create proper mainstream user experiences.